Grandpa and Grandma

Documentary – animation / Betacam SP / 30 min. / © Monoklis,  VG studio


The documentary – animation is based on a life story of director’s grandparents who were exiled to Siberia by Soviets in 1948. The severe period of Lithuanian history is being told in a personal way, in genre of a fairytale. The story teller is a little girl, who sees the events in her own child way. The visual basis of the film consists of extant family photographs together with the national archive material and animation inserts.


Screenwriter and director Giedrė Beinoriūtė
Animations  Gabrielė Baltrušaitytė
Music  Indrė Stakvile
Sound  Saulius Urbanavičius
Editing  Marius Kavaliauskas
Narrator  Urtė Krukonytė
Title design  Mažvydė Kokanauskienė
Executive producer  Jurga Gluskinienė
Producer  Valdas Navasaitis


Lithuanian Filmmakers Union award for the best Lithuanian documentary 2007
The 1st prize at IFF “Stupeni” (Kijev, Ukraine), section “Human rights”, 2007.
Special prize at IFF “Listapad” (Minsk, Belorusia), 2007
Special prize for the innovative documentary at Eurofest (Montreal, Canada), 2008
The 2nd prize at Vilnius Documentary Film Festival, Baltic Films competition (Vilnius, Lithuania), 2008




The Grandpa And Grandma film takes part in the commemoration events of the 70th anniversary of the occupation of Lithuania

Film director G. Beinoriūtė is taking part in the events for the 70th anniversary of the occupation of Lithuania and the Day of Sorrow And Hope on the 15th of June.

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Grandpa and Grandma – at the Anniversary of Lithuanian Independence in Estonia

Young, famous and widely recognized for her work, Lithuanian film and theater director Giedrė Beinoriūtė is going to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Lithuanian independence with a company of Tartu-based Lithuanians.

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A New Competition for the Grandma and Grandpa film

Having been to over ten international festivals and received as many as five awards, G. Beinoriūtė’s film Grandma and Grandpa continues its journeys across the world. The film will soon drop by Poles at the Lublin International Festival Rozstaje Europy (Crossroads of Europe). The documentary tale of exile will be screened at the competition programme at 12:30, April 23.

22 04 2009  MONOKLIS

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