A New Competition for the Grandma and Grandpa film

Having been to over ten international festivals and received as many as five awards, G. Beinoriūtė’s film Grandma and Grandpa continues its journeys across the world. The film will soon drop by Poles at the Lublin International Festival Rozstaje Europy (Crossroads of Europe). The documentary tale of exile will be screened at the competition programme at 12:30, April 23.

22 04 2009  MONOKLIS

Grandpa and Grandma premieres on LTV

On June 14, Saturday, 16.10 LTV will broadcast the documentary animation film Grandpa and Grandma (dir. Giedrė Beinoriūtė) about its director’s grandparents deported to Siberia during the Soviet times.

The film was made using photos from a personal archive, animated interludes and excerpts from movie reels. The story is narrated by a little girl, with her childlike understanding and imagination of the events of the day.

10 06 2008  MONOKLIS