Homo Sovieticus

documentary / 2021 / 70 min. / © Monoklis,  Film Studio Mistrus Media, Frame Films


Almost 30 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union we can observe the return of rhetoric of a strong person of the totalitarian era. Could this be facilitated by the remains of totalitarian subservience in our heads and minds? The Director of the film Ivo Briedis and journalist Rita Ruduša, both born in the USSR, are going on a journey to explore the phenomenon of “Homo Sovieticus” and to discover whether a human being of the totalitarian mindset has specific geographical boundaries.


Director Ivo Briedis
Screenwriter Rita Ruduša
Director of photography Martins Jurevics
Sound director Saulius Urbanavičius
Composer Martynas Bialobžeskis
Producers  Jurga Gluskinienė, Gints Grūbe, Elīna Gediņa – Ducena, Jitka Kotrlova