Jurga Gluskinienė

Producer and studio’s director

Cinema is dear to me. In every sense of the word.


Born on May 18, 1977
In 2003, Jurga Gluskinienė received her BA in Art Critic and in 2008 – a MA in Culture Management (a study „Coproduction System. Analysis and Possibilities for Lithuania”) from Vilnius Art Academy. Since 2002, has been working in Lithuanian film industry as a production manager, line producer and executive producer. In 2006 with colleagues established a film studio „Monoklis”.


2022 MONCYS. A SAMOGITIAN FROM PARIS (85 min., documentary, © Monoklis) – producer
2016  ŠALTOS AUSYS / DEAD EARS (42 min., documentary, © Monoklis) – producer
2016  GENERALINIS PLANAS / THE MASTER PLAN (52 min., documentary, © Monoklis,Mistrus Media, Allfilm, Lithuanian nacional radio and television, Latvian television, Estonian public broadcasting, Red dot media, Re:Baltica) – producer
2013   PIETŪS LIPOVKĖJ / DINNER  (28 min., documentary, © Monoklis) – producer
2012   POKALBIAI RIMTOMIS TEMOMIS /  CONVERSATIONS ON SERIUOS TOPICS (dir. G.Beinoriūtė, documentary, 65 min, © Monoklis) – producer
2012   SPECIALISTĖ / AN EXPERT ( HD, 16min., documentary, © Monoklis, Avantis Promo, Arte France, Alegria productions) – producer
2011    LAIKINAI / TEMPORARILY (dir. J.Samulionytė, short fiction, 20 min, © Monoklis) – producer
2011    STEBUKLŲ LAUKAS / THE FIELD OF MAGIC (dir. M.Survila, documentary,  70 min, © Monoklis) – producer
2009   PIETYS / THE SOUTHER (short fiction, dir. T.Smulkis, 23 min., Monoklis together with LMTA Educational Film and TV studio)  – associated producer
2008  BALKONAS / THE BALCONY (dir. G.Beinoriūtė, fiction, 48 min, © Monoklis) – producer
2007    GYVENO SENELIS IR BOBUTĖ / GRANDPA AND GRANDMA (dir. G.Beinoriūtė, animated documentary, 30 min, ©Monoklis / ©VG studija)– executive producer
2007    VILKAS / THE WOLF (dir. J.Ziz, experimental short fiction, studio Panoptikumas) –  production manager
2006   KRAUTUVĖLĖ / LITTLE SHOP (dir. A.Gluskinas, short fiction,  production AXX festival) – producer
2006    REVISITING SOLARIS (dir. Deimantas Narkevičius, experimental short fiction) – production manager
2005    TĖVAI IR VAIKAI / PARENTS AND CHILDREN (dir. A.Gluskinas, short fiction,  production AXX festival) – producer
2003    EGZISTENCIJA / EXISTENCE (35mm, fiction, 23 min, ©VG studija) – production manager

Theater plays

2009   SILLY AND SHORT STORIES (on K.Kasparavičius’ books for children Silly Stories and Short Stories, Monoklis studio) – producer.


Cairo International Film festival for Children and Youth Silver prize for the Best Short Film, 2010
„Silver Crane” award for the Best Short Film, Lithuania, 2009
Lithuanian distributors award for the Best Lithuanian film, 2008