Antanas Gluskinas

Theater and film director

Creative work is a mathematical task where condition is clear and the solution is not. All you have to do is to solve it.


Born in 1975 in Vilnius.
In 2002 graduated from the Lithuanian Music and Theater Academy with a BA in TV directing. Since 2004 worked as a director and adaptor on 10 theater and radio plays for children and their parents, also made three short films and participated as a lecturer in various educational film projects for youth. 2001 – 2009 directed different TV programs. In 2006, together with colleagues Giedrė Beinoriūtė and Jurga Gluskinienė, established the Monoklis studio.

Theater plays

2021 AGUS AND MONSTERS (on J.Copons and L.Fortuny book, Monoklis) playwright, director and producer
2018 THE SOUTHERNER’S CHRONICLES (on R.Kmita book, Istartas) playwright, director and producer
2018 VIVAT, LAMBERTO! (on G. Rodari book, Šiauliai Drama Theatre) playwright and director
2016  THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS (on K.Grahame book, Klaipėda Drama Theatre) – playwright and director
2016  THE GOALIE I AM (on P.Lenz book) – director
2015   I.Rasimaitė GOOD BYE S (Short musicals festival) – director
2014   S.Osten, P.Lysander  MEDEA’S CHILDREN (Juozo Miltinio Drama Theater) – director
2014  RENT ME (on G.Morkūnas’ book ,,Life of Nuomšikas”, Juozo Miltinio Drama Theater) – playwright and director
2012   SUPERAGENT 000 (on L.Voronina’ book, theater „cezaris group”) – playwright and director
2012  ANNE OF GREEN GABLES (on L.M. Montgomery’ book, Juozo Miltinio Drama Theater) – playwright and director
2012  BOYS DANCING BREAKDANCING (on V.Račickas’ book for children, Šiauliai Drama Theater) – playwright and director
2012  RABBIT MARCUS THE GREAT (on K.Kasparavičius’ book for children, Musicals Theatre of Vilnius)  – playwright and director
2010  J.Donaldson WHAT’S THE GRUFFALO? (Small Theatre of Vilnius)  – director
2010   PLACE INFESTED BY FLEAS STORIES (on G.Morkūnas’ book, Šiauliai Drama Theater)  – playwright and director
2009   SILLY AND SHORT STORIES (on K.Kasparavičius’ books for children Silly Stories and Short Stories, Monoklis studio) – director
2009  G. Arbačiauskas and A.Gluskinas musical fairytale NUTS FOR CINDERELLA (VšĮ „Aurora fairytales“) – playwright and director
2009  N.Gumiliov TREE OF CHANGE (Russian Drama Theater of Lithuania) – director
2008  THE MISSING PAINTING (radio play based on K.Kasparavičius’ book The Missing Painting, Lithuanian Radio) – playwright and director
2008  V.Ludwig BELA, BOSS AND BULLI (Šiauliai Drama Theater) – director
2007  LIBERATION OF PRINCESS ANNA (radio play based on the fairytale by J.Lada, Lithuanian Radio) – director
2007  S.Osten, P.Lysander  MEDEA’S CHILDREN (Kaunas Drama theater) – director
2007  CHILDHOOD ETUDES (theater play based on a story by L. Ashkenazi, „Keistuolių“ theater) – playwright and director
2006  Aldona Liobytė GOLDEN APPLE (Youth Theater) – director
2004  MY GRANDPA WAS A CHERRY (theater play based on a story by A. Nanneti, „Keistuolių” Theater) – playwright and director


2007   AKNYSTA PENSION (video, 10min., documentary, © Monoklis) – writer and director
2006   LITTLE SHOP (video, 10min., feature, © Antanas Gluskinas, Magnet films, „AXX”) – writer and director
2005 PARENTS AND CHILDREN (video, 9min., feature, © Antanas Gluskinas, „Creator”, „AXX”) – writer and director


2009. Biggest theater award „The Golden Cross 2008” in the theater for children category for the production of BELA, BOSS AND BULLI at Šiauliai Drama Theater;
2005. Best Play for Children – MY GRANDPA WAS A CHERRY, festival „We Perform for Tillers 2005”.